Friday, 23 June 2017


WALT; write a non chronological report

Remember to use:
  • an opening paragraph explain what your report is about.
  • headings and subheadings for the main body.
  • an closing paragraph, recapping on what you have written.
  • Pictures, maps etc with captions to explain what they are.
Remember to use faction not opinions.

The Mighty Gorilla

What do Gorillas look like
Gorillas are furry animals. They have big heads and black eyes. The gorilla is black most times.
What do they eat?
The Gorilla like to eat is Bamboo and fruit. They sight smell and ears to find food.

1.Where do they live?
The Mighty Gorilla live to Dense forests and Woodland in Africa.

2.The Mighty Gorilla
What do they do?
The Mighty Gorilla like to do is Play and graze.

3.Where do they sleep?
They sleep on the Big nest on the tree and the baby gorilla Fishing Gorilla | This picture was taken in Taronga Zoo, Syd… | Flickr

         Thriller What do they play? The Mighty Gorilla like to play is to swing up on the trees.

  Gorillas like to play like humans and hug like humans this is why I think they are smart. They can learn sign language just like humans.Free photo Ape Eating Gorilla Primate - Max Pixel

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  1. Hello there my name is Alisi I’m from Kawakawa Primary School. I liked your post about Gorillas. This reminded of my friend’s poster about Gorillas too. Maybe next time you could add more information about each subtitle. Come check out my blog